We’ve seen some gorgeous sunsets this autumn. This little gem appeared out of nowhere one evening and I just had to captured in pixels. The silhouetted grave monuments enhance the air of serenity, don’t you think?

What amazes me most about the sunsets we’ve seen from the vantage point of our temporary home here on the hilltop at Montels is just how much of the sky turns red. I’ve noticed it in the UK sometimes, depending on the landscape, but having the opportunity to see so far to the horizon in every direction here in the Tarn is an absolute delight.

I’m especially pleased with this snapshot as it was taken on my aging Olympus camera, which is nothing fancy. So often when we try to take sunset pics they disappoint, but on this occasion, the scene is preserved in all its glory. Well, maybe not all its glory as there is nothing like actually standing in the balmy evening air and savouring nature’s artistic genius at work. But you get the picture. So to speak.